A Halloween Triptych Narrative

It’s that most gory time of year (other than Thanksgiving…) when millions and millions of innocent pumpkins are offered up for slaughter on a massive scale….

I suppose that’s a redundant statement, isn’t it? And this is a redundant image, considering the fact that I created it prior to Halloween 2009, for a photography class about narrative. Hopefully the story is somewhat apparent, as we observe at least one man saddened by the destruction* of his great gourd. It obviously plays in reverse, and tweaks the viewer’s own gourd by describing a timeline that is not entirely possible!

Many thanks once more to Hal for being my actor/model, and a shout out to my instructor Christine for her helpful seeds of advice over the past year. The narrative continues….

*And yes, only one pumpkin was harmed in the making of this narrative.

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