An Underwater Exhibition

No, you won’t need scuba gear to view these photos. I have one image in an exhibit starting August 11th showcasing underwater photographs from recent students of my school’s Form & Figure class. They will be on display for a month in the upstairs gallery at PCNW in Capitol Hill, so check it out.

The first photo below is the one on display at PCNW. I like it because it you’re sort of forced to take a second glance at it; the figures have some mystery to them. But while I was revisiting that photograph, I thought it would be educational to take my own second look at some other photos from last summer’s underwater shoot. Not only bodies, we tried to use different fabrics, sources of light, and the refractive properties of water to create interesting images.

If you’re interested in underwater photography with a digital SLR, I’ve found the DiCAPac WP-S10 to be very useful. It takes some getting used to from a camera controls standpoint, but with careful use, it seems to do the trick in terms of keeping your camera safe and dry.

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