Baby Portraits – Annelise

I know that all babies are not as good-natured as Annelise was for her portraits. I think that mom Jeanette was more than pleased that we got upwards of an hour of smiles and wagging tongues from her daughter. To be fair, there was one early moment of panic when we couldn’t figure out why Annelise was suddenly wailing. Her forehead had found a zipper on the couch pillow — one which I’d taken care to turn earlier, just for that reason — but she perked right back up after a minute, albeit with a red raking across her brow! Thank goodness for the resilience of babies, and also for the magic of the digital darkroom!

Setting up for Annelise’s portraits was a good exercise in impromptu home-studio creativity. I started with fabrics I’d found at a secondhand store, reusing curtain material as a subtle butterfly backdrop. An ottoman covered with more silky material was transfixing enough to Annelise, keeping her seated and amused in one spot for a decent amount of time. Finally, two strobes with umbrellas transformed a dim living room into the bright “studio” I was looking for.

Incidentally, for anyone wondering about my digital darkroom, I use Adobe Lightroom to both organize my photo library, and to do 99% of my color/tone corrections. Typically only when I need to merge photos together or do some heavy editing do I then pull it into Photoshop.

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