The City Panorama Project: ‘ningyō’

This image of Japanese dolls (view it larger here) hanging on my wall was the last image I created for the City Panorama Project and it came together pretty quickly.

Initially I was intrigued by the dappled light that came through some stained glass, but the sun was dropping rapidly and I didn’t really get a great shot of it, so I decided to focus only on the dolls. I set up a tripod, flipped my camera on its side, and shot each doll separately with the intent to stitch them together in an appropriately-sized panorama. After having done a few photo-stitching processes for some of my other images, I was happy to see how little I had to fix — a few string transitions here and there — and so I only had to play with color and contrast a bit, and add my own extra touch. Can you find it?

P.S. ‘ningyo’ is Japanese for ‘doll’!

Posted in Creative Work and Street / Seattle.