The City Panorama Project: Prelude

To those faithful followers of my photography work, thank you, and welcome back after a brief hiatus! For a couple months there I was deep in the artistic weeds, kept busy by a class at PCNW that has helped me to produce some of my most ambitious work to date. As with my LONG SHOT images, I’ll be writing about these images for a while, so hopefully they are worthy.

The List:

The major aim of the course was to produce large-scale panoramic images for King County Metro bus shelters while learning about what makes good public art. As you can see from the examples in Metro’s gallery, they haven’t typically used photography for their shelter program. We were their guinea pigs, and they asked us to pull no punches, and to achieve the best work we could possibly create.

Another aspect of the project was that our work was to be printed upon wood, in an unusual dimension: approximately eight feet wide by two feet high. When you think of your typical photographic print, the aspect ratios are often 4×6 or 8×10, so we were immediately challenged to come up with ideas that would work in a 4-to-1 format.

In an effort to answer the most popular questions before they get asked, I submitted seven images, which I’ll highlight on this site in separate posts, and (I believe) four of them were selected to be displayed on King County Metro bus shelters for up to ten years. I don’t know yet when or where in the county they’ll be installed, but I should find out in the not-too-distant future. And since this is a photography blog, I’ll offer a sneak peek at the image which I’ll be highlighting first, titled “Dancers”.

You might view it larger here.

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