CityClub – A Conversation with Regional Leaders

On 3/31/10, CityClub of Seattle hosted their annual meeting at the Washington Athletic Club, and the program was “A Conversation with Regional Leaders”. Needless to say, I was excited to help out with their photographic needs (please no jokes about “shooting” the mayor).

Moderated by local radio commentator Dave Ross, attendees were privileged to hear from two local mayors, Mike McGinn of Seattle and Don Davidson of Bellevue, and the King County Executive Dow Constantine, speak to issues such as the 520 Bridge replacement, the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and other aspects of regional growth and funding challenges.

Here are a few shots of the speakers.

From a photographic persepctive, note that I am sort of constrained, in that it’s difficult to manage the light well when a flash is discouraged (for the comfort of the speakers and the audience, and also because the event is being filmed). For the most part I was switching between my 50mm/f1.4 and my 35mmf/1.8, basically just taking as many shots as I could for coverage, and drooling over the lenses that the real press photographer there was pulling out. Thank goodness for post-processing in Lightroom!

Speaking of press coverage of the event, I found one Seattle Times article (but no photos!) and a few regional blog mentions focusing on the 520 Bridge issue. So maybe my photos will be the only public image record of this power summit!

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