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My name is Christopher Bachmann, and welcome to my little corner of the web world!


Phone: 206.852.8528

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I dabble in a number of different photographic areas: Portraiture and Event Photography, as well as a few other personal creative ventures.

Who is Christopher?

I got started with photography pretty early on, when I received for my birthday an old 35-mm film* Vivitar SLR body and a collection of wide-angle and zoom lenses. I don’t know that any of my photographs were any good, but I had the bug. Took a B&W photography class in middle school, did journalism for three years in high school, took a stroboscopy lab at MIT (and made liberal use of the B&W darkroom for extracurricular work), and then after finally getting a good digital SLR, went back and took some real photography classes at Photographic Center NW in Seattle. What began as a hobby has slowly turned into something more.

My “day job” involves web applications development, but turning my photography into a business is what you might call “career diversification”. It’s also an experiment in happiness and wish-fulfillment. The creative side of me has always needed an outlet of sorts, and taking more photographs, for business or personal pleasure, has been a great way to channel that need. I hope you find my photos and thoughts interesting and educational, and I thank you for visiting my website.