Jackie at Seattle Bouldering Project

My good friend Jackie is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, and we often shoot a couple times a year for her website, or for fun. This time we were focused on yoga and working in a weight room, but at the end of our shoot at the Seattle Bouldering Project, we ran out into the boulders to get some photos of her climbing.

It’s probably obvious, but Jackie is both strong and talented. In between popping off my flash and trying to stay out of everyone’s way, I was watching many of the young guys bouldering struggling to lift themselves up or to maintain grips. But Jackie was like Spider-Woman as she wove her way quickly up each color-coded path, and there were times I had to ask her to move more slowly or to hold a position so I could photograph it.

These images are all in black and white, because I liked a bit of that gritty dramatic feel, especially on the photo where she’s posing like an Amazon warrior.

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