Kids Grow Up So Fast!

My grandmother’s recent birthday celebration turned into a mini-reunion of sorts with some folks I generally only see on Thanksgiving. That is, my cousins (once removed!), who somehow have nearly turned into little adults. Long and lean, full of facts and opinions and precociousness, in some ways they’re totally new to me every time I see them.

With adults, you don’t notice as much how time institutes its changes. A pinch more gray, a couple extra pounds… Those changes aren’t usually so dramatic. Adult personalities are for the most part set, but kids can change so quickly. Zach, Garrett and Katy, I look forward to the next time I see you, hopefully sooner rather than later, if only to keep me from feeling any older!

And I suppose this is my chance to plug myself. Do your children need some portraits? Preserve those memories! They grow up so fast!

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