LONG SHOT: 24 hours in support of PCNW

This weekend I’ll be taking part in LONG SHOT, a 24-hour marathon in support of Photographic Center Northwest. I’ve taken perhaps 10 courses at PCNW over the past couple years, and they were all great.

During the photo-thon, I’m not exactly sure yet where I’ll find myself or what types of photos I’ll end up taking, but I’m sure it will be quite an experience. If you would like to support PCNW (or support my support of PCNW…), a small donation would be very much appreciated.

To anyone who donates and references my name, I will send an 8×10 or larger print from the photo-thon. If you want to make it interesting, pick an hour you’d like to select the photo from (1-24; the event goes 6pm Friday 4/30 until 6pm Saturday 5/1), and I’ll surprise you. Or you can select your own print as well. Drop me an e-mail just to keep me apprised.

Thank you for your support!

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