LONG SHOT: The Daytime Shots

After the busy weekend and my scurrying to meet the deadline to submit shots to PCNW for consideration for the LONG SHOT exhibition on June 4, I can finally post the remainder of my shots. I’m glad people are still interested in seeing what else I’ve got. Hopefully not because they were underwhelmed by what’s been posted so far….

As mentioned before, a little bit of fatigue had set in after we’d made it through the nighttime hours. Our team of five dwindled to just two of us who decided to stick it out (I had sponsors COUNTING on me!). Creativity lagged, and other than a few brief spurts of activity, I was content to sit for stretches and let the world come to me. At one point, that included a homeless Vietnam veteran who nearly epitomized the “aggressive panhandling” controversy that wracked Seattle a few weeks ago. But we shook him off (without really documenting him fully, unfortunate in retrospect), and the day dragged on.

The homestretch included an afterparty in Ballard where I snapped a pic of a “lucha libre fotografo” before extracting myself a shade before 6pm and heading home. Too tired to make it to any of the other events I’d tentatively scheduled for that evening, my day was over.

P.S. I should perhaps say something about the group shots…. Before our team broke for the day, we wanted to do some group shots, and there were a couple walls we had in mind to shoot in front of. We all lined up our cameras, set the timers, and then on “GO!” we ran to the wall for our pose! The idea was to see what we all would get shooting at close to the same moment from different angles. The one where I’m looking to the left was my playful admonition to our fifth photographer for not getting into the frame on time, which turned out pretty funny in my camera later.

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