LONG SHOT: The Nighttime Shots

I’ve heard from a number of people that it perhaps didn’t make a lot of sense to start the 24-hour photo-thon at 6pm Friday, shoot through the night, and then have all of Saturday stretched out before us like a desert of sleep-deprivation. I did try to take a small nap Friday afternoon, and at least we weren’t rained on, but I will admit that my creativity during the daylight hours on Saturday probably suffered some. On the other hand, since I was hyper-awake and energized for the event when it did start, I think I was forced to come up with some solutions to night shooting while my mind could still handle it, so I’m thankful for that!

So these are the nighttime shots. Areas of Seattle we hit included Georgetown, Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne, the latter of which included the Seattle Center shots I posted earlier. Let me just say that I can’t remember using my tripod so much in my whole life! However, it is a necessity for long exposures, no matter what sort of beefcake lens you’ve got, unless you’re aiming for some other look. The other trick was (duh!) using flash, but typically I was running around and popping it manually while my camera sat with its shutter open on the tripod. Some people call this “light painting”, using your flash to bring more light to areas of a scene you want to highlight. I wasn’t nearly so methodical, but it’s a technique I’ll try to use with more confidence in the future.

P.S. The photos with the colored wall are taken at Counterbalance Park at the corner of Queen Anne Ave. and Roy St. I don’t really show it, but it’s two long stretches of wall lit with colored lights that can shift hues. Lots of fun for posing people against it and getting weird effects.

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