Amber & David’s Sunset Wedding

Amber and David’s wedding at The Canal seemed to bring the sunlight back to Seattle, and I was overjoyed to help them capture their special day. With the sun sinking lower as they exchanged their vows, and I found the perfect vantage point to capture their perfect moment.

It was supremely difficult to narrow all of my favorites down to just 20 photos for this post (especially when five of them are essentially the kiss sequence!), but I hope these capture the essence of Amber and David’s happiness, the friends they shared it with, and their love for each other.

Rachel and Warren, Dancers in Flight

I am always on the lookout for inspirational photography, and came across a gallery by New York photog Jordan Matter called Dancers Among Us. Viewing the images is sort of like seeing superheroes doing everyday things around the city, an idea I really liked, and I wondered if it could be adapted for Seattle.

Luckily I know one amazing dancer, Rachel Randall, who you may remember from a couple of my panoramic images!

We decided that Seattle Center would have a high concentration of iconic Seattle landmarks, so on a bright and sunny day, she brought her friend Warren Woo and we ran around shooting them leaping and jumping and dancing. I don’t know that we spent enough time on any one shot to get that perfect floating-in-midair look, but we certainly had a lot of fun. Or at least I did. I was only directing!

Golden Gardens, Summer Fog

End of August. Summertime had finally made an appearance in Seattle when somehow arrived the foggiest morning I could remember. Renting a camera and lenses from Glazer’s for a wedding shoot, and with the weekend to play around with them, I found myself following the fog. Down to Golden Gardens where it was thickest, rolling slowly off of Puget Sound like an immense cottony tide. Being a Sunday, the parking lot was already full by mid-morning, Seattleites grasping hopefully at any summer they might be granted. At least it wasn’t raining, they told themselves. The fog enveloped the volleyball courts and the picnic shelters, just one more guest at the beach, along with all the others.