Bastille Day at Café Campagne

Bastille Day, that French national holiday, commemorating the birth of the French Republic. How wonderful to celebrate a day when an armed mob of citizens stormed the Bastille prison in 1889 for the right to drink wine, eat frites and watch can-can dancers.

Or something like that. That’s how we celebrate it in Seattle anyway — minus the storming — especially when done right like at Café Campagne. You may remember last summer when I shot their Tablée du Marché dinner. Here are some shots from Bastille Day (and don’t forget to also check out the shots of the the Can-Can dancers and The Shanghai Pearl).

The Shanghai Pearl, A Burlesque Delight

To round out the entertainment from Bastille Day at Café Campagne — and also to raise the profile of this blog! — I now present The Shanghai Pearl, the self-described “Princess of Pulchritude”….

(You know it will be a good when David Hasselhoff describes her burlesque show as “…inappropriate…”)

Addendum: A “revealing” interview with The Shanghai Pearl from the Burlesque Seattle Press, including some kind words for my photography.

Can-Can Dancers on Bastille Day

What’s a celebration of French culture without can-can dancers (and wine)? Annual favorites at Café Campagne’s Bastille Day fete are Les Filles Tournoires (“The Twirly Girls”), who are also members of the burlesque troupe The Atomic Bombshells. I bet if you don’t live in Seattle, you’re now wishing you did….