Paris: City of Bright (Sun)

Paris is known as the “City of Light“, but to me, it was more like the City of Bright Sun. Every day was hot and sunny, which for a vacation traveler is certainly enjoyable (especially after another long and dreary Seattle winter), but it sort of narrows your photographic options somewhat.

Harsh light and shadow can wreak havoc, blowing out the highlights and losing detail in the darkest areas of every image. Shooting in RAW can help, preserving more information than a JPEG for reclamation in post-processing. When I returned from Paris, I was a little daunted at the state of my images, and the time I’d need to put into them to make them look good. There was a reason I’d taken these photos in the first place, but for a while I put off rediscovering why.

So this photo set is all about the sunshine (and shadows) of the Paris streets. Also check out the first two sets, Paris on My Mind and Paris on Wheels.

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