Paris in My Mind

Some recent posts have had a bit of a French flavor lately, but in fact I was lucky enough to visit Paris for the first time, this past May. For some reason, it’s taken me a while to work with these photos, and perhaps it’s because I came away with mixed feelings about Paris. It was a gorgeous time of year to go, 80-degree weather (Seattle, take note!). The cuisine (and the chocolate, and the wine) was wonderful. But I’d been inundated with so many images of Paris, that once I was there myself seeing it all in person, the city didn’t quite fit my mental picture.

So these images took me some time. And they’re not all necessarily “true” to what I observed or recorded on my trip; I think that’s okay. They are an amalgamation of the Paris I carry with me in my mind, and the Paris I saw for myself. This is the first of three sets of images. You can find more at Paris on Wheels and Paris: City of Bright (Sun).

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