Playing Soccer with Jesse

Or, “I Will Get Sweaty and Grass-stained in Order to Photograph Your Child”

Jesse is a brilliant little boy, the son of a friend of mine from college. We took him to the park in June and tried to impart upon him a little bit of World Cup fever. His dad Joey is slowly trying to teach him golf (yes!), but for photography purposes, I think it was a little easier to just hand him a big soccer ball and run around with him for 30 minutes.

Ignoring the fact that you’re typically not supposed to use your hands in soccer (maybe Jesse will turn out to be a gifted goalie), I think we had a successful time playing. Joey found a temporary babysitter, Jesse had a playmate, and I got some great shots that I can potentially embarrass him with when he gets older.

If you’re local (Seattle or Pacific Northwest) and looking for affordable photography of your children or family, please drop me a line! I will let your kids run me ragged so you can put a great photo on your living room wall or in their childhood album.

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