Portrait & Studio Work

Rates for portraiture and studio work may vary based upon the type of project desired, time and setup required, and the usage of the photos afterwards. That being said, I’m new to the business and quite affordable! Please contact me to discuss your project and ideas.

My portfolio goes in a lot of different directions, as I really enjoy many types of portraiture, including standard studio work, outdoor portraits, maternity, couples. Sometimes people don’t know quite what they want, and I’m happy to sit down and discuss the type of photographs you’re looking for. Please peruse some of my work below.

Engagement Photos and a Wedding Website

I suppose it’s to be expected that I would be asked by my sister Shannon to shoot engagement photos for her wedding website! It’s not the first time, nor the second, that I’ve been her personal photographer-slash-lackey. What else is a big brother supposed to do?

(Oh yeah: Code the back-end of the wedding site and get it up and running; Be a groomsman and give a brotherly roast/toast; Shoot event photos the night before the wedding; Help set things up before wedding and break things down afterwards; Take the newlyweds to the airport; Feed the cat while they’re on their honeymoon; Pick them up at the airport…. Anything else?)

For those of you who follow Shannon, she has the most keen and creative eye, and each and every detail is important. I think that’s why she knew she could come to me with her concept of cutout engagement photos overlaid with colorful shapes, which you can see in several of the images below. We shot her and Hal against a green screen for most of the photos, in a variety of outfits and actions, and later did a second shoot outdoors, at our old elementary school.

In the end, the final images can be seen here. I’ll probably get in trouble with Shannon for including a few others here on my site that didn’t make the cut, but annoying little sisters is another thing older brothers do, right?

Udon Noodle Portraits for a New Seattle Restaurant

Tonight is the friends-and-family party celebrating the opening of my brother-in-law’s new restaurant, U:Don Fresh Japanese Noodle Station. Yes, there’s an emoticon in the restaurant name. Don’t fret! It’s called clever branding!

The anticipation has been building for a while, and everyone is quite excited for U:Don to finally open. Outside of handling the website and the rest of the online presence, I also took part in some of their photography artwork, collaborating with Scott Pitts, food photographer extraordinaire, to create a pair of large-scale photomontages.

The original plan was to try to use all of these images and more in the large 8-foot-by-3-foot spaces (and thank you so much to Hal, Jaelithe, Doug and Yuko for their time and patience!), but in the end we distilled the idea down to using just two of the images, paired with some of the food photography. Whatever the outcome, it’s still pretty marvelous to see one’s work upon the wall of a new Seattle restaurant. It makes dining all the more pleasurable!

Japanese lesson: To give thanks and begin a meal in Japan, you say “itadakimasu” [phonetically, say: “ee-tah-dah-kee-mahss”]. I think I’ll be saying that quite a bit at U:Don.

A Courthouse Wedding for Cordula and Mike

There’s something very sweet about a courthouse wedding. Short, simple, and often shared with your closest family members. Cordula and Mike asked me to record moments from their special day, first with a portraiture shoot at Golden Gardens, and then their civil marriage ceremony at the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle.

The courthouse was otherwise closed for Veterans Day (11/11/11!), but we were ushered through security with a humorous patdown from the single guard, then it was up several floors to the judge’s modest chambers with a sunset view of Puget Sound and Smith Tower. With immediate family looking on, Cordula and Mike exchanged their vows. A happy wedding doesn’t need much more than that.