Sequence for a Favorite Photo

The second photo below is one of my favorite street photos, because there’s a short story behind it that makes it special in my mind.

Last year during a nighttime photostroll, I found myself in Post Alley. The city lights were warm and beautiful, and two people were making their way up the alley after work. The first photo is my snap of them, and as I shot it, I immediately knew I didn’t like it. Yes, the composition is a little weird with the guy at the top of the alley crossing their path, but basically, I didn’t like the point of focus in the image. The figures were fine, but while they felt anonymous and dark, they still felt uninteresting.

So I took a moment (7 seconds, to be exact) to recompose, focusing on the posters on the wall and letting the figures and the city lights blur. The figures are closer together, more in sync, and they’ve diminished further into anonymity as they’ve moved away and become hazy. I love the feel of the second image, because it conjures up images of romantic, sleepy Seattle in my mind, which is exactly why I love to go out into the city with my camera.

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