Street / Seattle

Although my first big-city living experience was Boston, Seattle is nearest to family and where I now call home. The natural beauty of the area is so diverse, and the city itself is unique among its counterparts and beckons to be photographed. It may not be the biggest metropolis, have the most amazing this-or-that, but I think Seattle ranks right up there with the best of them.

If you’re wondering, my other favorite cities include Vancouver (BC), Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan, and the aforementioned Boston.

Udon Noodle Portraits for a New Seattle Restaurant

Tonight is the friends-and-family party celebrating the opening of my brother-in-law’s new restaurant, U:Don Fresh Japanese Noodle Station. Yes, there’s an emoticon in the restaurant name. Don’t fret! It’s called clever branding!

The anticipation has been building for a while, and everyone is quite excited for U:Don to finally open. Outside of handling the website and the rest of the online presence, I also took part in some of their photography artwork, collaborating with Scott Pitts, food photographer extraordinaire, to create a pair of large-scale photomontages.

The original plan was to try to use all of these images and more in the large 8-foot-by-3-foot spaces (and thank you so much to Hal, Jaelithe, Doug and Yuko for their time and patience!), but in the end we distilled the idea down to using just two of the images, paired with some of the food photography. Whatever the outcome, it’s still pretty marvelous to see one’s work upon the wall of a new Seattle restaurant. It makes dining all the more pleasurable!

Japanese lesson: To give thanks and begin a meal in Japan, you say “itadakimasu” [phonetically, say: “ee-tah-dah-kee-mahss”]. I think I’ll be saying that quite a bit at U:Don.

Golden Gardens, Summer Fog

End of August. Summertime had finally made an appearance in Seattle when somehow arrived the foggiest morning I could remember. Renting a camera and lenses from Glazer’s for a wedding shoot, and with the weekend to play around with them, I found myself following the fog. Down to Golden Gardens where it was thickest, rolling slowly off of Puget Sound like an immense cottony tide. Being a Sunday, the parking lot was already full by mid-morning, Seattleites grasping hopefully at any summer they might be granted. At least it wasn’t raining, they told themselves. The fog enveloped the volleyball courts and the picnic shelters, just one more guest at the beach, along with all the others.

Bastille Day at Café Campagne

Bastille Day, that French national holiday, commemorating the birth of the French Republic. How wonderful to celebrate a day when an armed mob of citizens stormed the Bastille prison in 1889 for the right to drink wine, eat frites and watch can-can dancers.

Or something like that. That’s how we celebrate it in Seattle anyway — minus the storming — especially when done right like at Café Campagne. You may remember last summer when I shot their Tablée du Marché dinner. Here are some shots from Bastille Day (and don’t forget to also check out the shots of the the Can-Can dancers and The Shanghai Pearl).