Sushi and Ramen and Saké (oh my!)

I’m not a food blogger, and I rarely take photos of my food (it gets cold!). But I may make an exception when I’m on vacation and I already have my camera with me. And I definitely make an exception when I’m in Vancouver and eating omakase-style at Tojo’s.

The light is difficult, and the focal-point is razor thin, but Tojo-san and his kitchen do such marvelous, innovate things with Japanese cuisine that I almost feel like I can even capture the taste and aroma of each of his dishes if I remember to snap a few shots before I take a bite. Sadly, that’s not the case, and we find ourselves returning every time we visit Vancouver.

If you have the appetite and the inclination to splurge a little, I definitely recommend making a reservation and sitting in front of him. Let him choose your menu for the evening. He’ll go on and on about how his local ingredients are the best anywhere, but prod him for stories about the craziness of the Olympic Games, and how he had to kick several heads of state out of the restaurant after two hours so more people could sit down.

Other culinary highlights of the trip: Ramen at Benkei, dim sum at Fisherman’s Terrace in Richmond (new to us and very good), and of course, incomparable Indian food at the famous Vij’s.

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