The City Panorama Project: ‘A Wall of Her Own’

It’s my final image from the City Panorama Project, and one that won’t be installed as a bus shelter around the county somewhere, but ‘A Wall of Her Own’ (view it larger here) garnered some interest among my classmates because I hadn’t shown it to them prior to our final day. Surprises are fun, aren’t they?

This idea started out in my head as a model or two acting out a scene, but superimposing them upon one of the funky, textured walls of Seattle’s International District or Georgetown neighborhoods. I scouted around, creating bare-bones panoramas from alley doorways and walls, but didn’t really have an inspired story to flesh out the concept.

In the end, I used images I’d already taken of Alena and created for her “her own” modeling wall. As a final touch, I perched the “real” Alena on the curb in front of the wall, perhaps contemplating her many images (or how she got there in the first place!). Below are some of the many bits and pieces I brought together.

P.S. The wall itself is so zany, you may wonder if it’s real, but it is an actual wall down in Georgetown, behind the original Rainier Brewery.

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