Web Applications Development

If you’re on this page, it must be from idle websurfing, and my photos might not be as interesting as hoped! But before you click away, let me pitch you for my web development services.

I graduated from MIT in 1999 with a Computer Science degree, and found myself a job with a (now non-existent) Michigan startup developing web software for mental health facilities (patient tracking, billing, etc). If only they’d not been a typical dot-com and stayed afloat, because now web applications of many types are ubiquitous. Also my stock options might have been worth something!

After returning to my Seattle roots in 2003, I parlayed my experience into a job with Portent Interactive, where I worked on a host of various sites and projects, typically database back-end stuff, building the guts that make a website run. If you hadn’t guessed, I am not a designer!

Recently, I’ve struck out with a development business of my own, which comes with its own thrills and fears (they don’t call it “striking out” for nothing). Typically I cater to smaller clients that may need site functionality upgrades and upkeep, and my rates will reflect that. Please contact me if you have a need for a developer but have trouble affording some of the larger firms.

My expertise is in SQL (any flavor database), PHP, Java, ColdFusion, Javascript, with a healthy bit of CSS knowledge thrown in. I typically will not delve into .NET without good reason.

Okay, back to photography now?